The beginning of Alberta’s oil boom in the late 1940s resulted in the creation of countless service industries – both up-stream and down-stream of the well-head. Rice has been one of those companies, almost from the start. Established in 1952, one of its first operations was to design, build and operate one of the first oilfield-produced water disposal systems in western Canada. It has continued operating that service for more than 50 years.

From its inception, Rice has been an employee-owned corporation, and our employees have benefited as the company has grown to its present national scope of operations.

Throughout our 50+ years, we have maintained our tradition of continuing to explore new territory. Our in-house research and development staff have had a focus on discovery, which has added value to the products we supply to industry through our custom manufacturing capabilities.

Coupled with our rapid response rate to client requests and orders, the focus on added value research has led to the company being recognized as a leader in supplying the specialized product needs of customers in a diverse range of industries.

Reflecting our corporate growth, Rice Engineering & Operating Ltd. commissioned the design and development of a new head office and warehouse. In 1999 this move dramatically streamlined the operations and provided staff with a light, airy and productive atmosphere in which to work.