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A sincere HELLO from the team at Rice Industrial Products and Services. Welcome to our first edition of the Rice IMPACT – an e-newsletter dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest news and views related to thermoplastic piping system components for the industrial, municipal, oilfield and commercial markets in Western Canada. We are aiming to publish it on a quarterly basis – or whenever we have news we can’t keep to ourselves! We hope you find it useful and informative. Any content suggestions or feedback is welcome. Please let us know what you think by emailing

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Don’t know much about Rice? Let us fill you in.

Rice is all about keeping your business moving! We are an Alberta-based manufacturer and distributor of high quality thermoplastic process piping products: including pipe, valves and fittings. Our proven products come in a variety of materials including PVC, CPVC, PVDF and other more specialized materials. We work with leading global manufacturers, including IPEX®, Chemline®, Spears® and many others, to supply some of the top brands in the industry. Plus, we specialize in custom plastic threading, slotting, perforating, bending, molding, machining, and other manufacturing services.

Our promise to our customers is simple: your business comes first. And, we deliver on this pledge by helping make your business as efficient and profitable as possible. We are able to make an “impact” on your business because we work harder to find out your wants, your needs and your challenges. Then we perform at the highest level. With on-time deliveries. Exceptional customer support. Unparalleled order fill rates. Dependable, responsive service. And problem-solving expertise. If we help you succeed, we know that we will succeed.

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Did you know?


Many of our customers ask us what the difference is between PVC and CPVC. PVC is the most frequently specified of all thermoplastic materials and has been used successfully for more than 60 years. PVC is characterized by distinctive physical properties, and is resistant to corrosion and chemical attack by acids, alkalis, salt solutions and many other chemicals.

CPVC has proven to be an excellent piping material for hot corrosive liquids, hot and cold water distribution and similar applications above the temperature range of PVC. CPVC, conforming to ASTM D1784, has physical properties at 73°F (23°C) similar to those of PVC and chemical resistance similar to or generally better than that of PVC. The following chart compares the two materials in terms of tolerances and specifications:

Properties Materials
Maximum operating temperature under pressure 140°F (60°C) 200°F (93°C)
Tensile strength, psi @ 73°F 7,000 7,500
Compressive strength, psi 9,000 10,100
Flash Ignition, °F 730 900

We’re happy to help you determine which works best for your particular application.

Rice Custom Plastic Bending, Molding, Fabrication and Machining Services

Custom Plastic Bending, Molding, Fabrication and Machining Services

Sometimes, you need more than standard plastic pipe and fittings. We are there for you. Rice can custom bend and mold PVC pipe or thread, slot, perforate and mill it for you. And, we can fabricate custom pipe fittings of almost any size or shape.

product news

Introducing The IPEX© EasyFit VXE True Union Ball Valve from Rice

The VXE series of ball valves represents the latest innovations in thermoplastic valve technology. This new design provides the ultimate in convenience while minimizing overall installation and maintenance costs. Plus, superior employee safety. Additional features include:

VXE EasyFit Valve