Baroid Quik-Grout®

QUIK-GROUT® one-sack grouting and plugging material is a sodium bentonite-based grout designed for grouting water wells, monitoring wells, and for plugging boreholes. QUIK-GROUT grouting and plugging material does not contain any polymers.

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  • Can seal or grout plastic and steel casings
  • Can seal downhole instrumentation in test and observation holes
  • Can plug abandoned boreholes and earthen cavities
  • Not recommended for use as a cement additive


  • Easy-to-use one sack grout
  • Dust-free mixing
  • Can be mixed and pumped using conventional rig equipment
  • Rehydratable
  • No heat of hydration
  • Can develop a 20% active solids slurry weighing 9.4 lb/gal (1.13 g/cm3) with hydrostatic gradient of 0.489 psi/ft (11.1 kPa/meter)
  • Can create a low permeability seal to prevent entry of contaminants from the surface
  • Can develop a permanent, flexible seal to prevent commingling between aquifers NSF/ANSI Standard 60 certified