AMS Gas Vapor Probe Systems (GVP)

AMS GVP systems are equipped with two different styles of 5/8in OD extensions: solid tile probe extensions, and hollow GVP rods. Extendable tile probe extensions are solid extensions designed to locate underground obstructions and to pre-punch pilot holes. Hollow GVP extensions allow for 1/4in OD tubing to be used through the center of the rod. AMS dedicated tips, Retract-A-Tip, or gas vapor implants can be connected to the tubing that is run through the hollow GVP extensions and driven to the target depth to begin sampling.

It is recommended that you pre-punch your hole to your target depth with the solid extendable tile probe extensions and tip. Then you can re-enter the same borehole with your hollow GVP extensions and sampling point. By doing this, you will substantially increase the life span of your equipment. The flighted auger with hard surfaced tip can be used to pre-drill boreholes in gravelly or hard soils prior to the insertion of GVP tips. Concrete bits are ideal for boring access holes through concrete and asphalt.

*Also available as complete kits and heavy duty kits for rocky and hard soil conditions.

**See Soil Gas Sampling with direct push tooling for additional information.

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Systems Available

  • Dedicated Gas Vapor Tip
  • Retract-A-Tip
  • Gas Vapor 6in Implant Drive Kit
  • Driving to Depth
  • Tubing Options
  • Sample Collection Options
  • Syringe & Cap
  • Tedlar Bags
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Vacuum Station