AMS Augers and Accessories

The AMS Regular Head Auger is the grandfather in the industry of soil augers! It is our most popular auger and is used in most soil conditions. The Regular Head Augers unique design allows you to get to the required depth in almost no time at all. The AMS Auger is a convenient tool for drilling small wells for newly planted trees, digging postholes for fencing and it works great for direct tree root feeding.

Regular Augers:

  • 5/8" NC Connection
  • Quick Spin Connection
  • Quick Connect Connection
  • Sizes Available from: 1½" – 4"

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Stainless Steel Auger

The AMS Stainless Steel Regular Head Augers unique design allows you to get to the required depth in almost no time at all. The Stainless Steel Regular Auger is used for ordinary soil sampling and for accessing the sampling point when undisturbed samples will be taken with a core sampler.

Signature Series

The Signature Series with the new rounded bail design is easy to use. The new Cross Handle requires less effort to turn in the most difficult soils. The new coupling is three times faster to connect and disassemble. Modifications on the auger bits have been adjusted just enough to help speed the augering process. Along with these great benefits you will find the extensions to be rust resistant because they are plated with a yellow zinc coating.

  • Regular Augers
  • Mud Augers
  • Sand Augers
  • Dutch Augers

Soil Recovery Auger Quick Connect Connection

This unique hand operated sampling tool is designed for ease of operation and is one of the most versatile sampling tools offered by AMS. Used in a wide variety of situations by a large number of industries and professions, the patented AMS Soil Recovery Auger features protective soil retaining cylinders, fast cutting bits, and effortless operation. By using the hollow cap, the Soil Recovery Auger is used as a standard bucket auger. By using the solid top cap, a sample can be retrieved in a liner.

The AMS Soil Recovery Auger is compatible with the AMS Quick Connect Extension and Cross Handles.

Note that the retaining cylinder is ¼" smaller than the sampler diameter.