AMS Core Soil Samplers

AMS Core Soil Samplers can be advanced as a single tube sampler or in a dual tube cased hole. Core Soil Samplers are made in various sizes to meet the different needs of each job site. Use the core soil sampler to take continuous profile samples from the ground surface to a specified depth ahead of the exterior drive string. The liners can be capped and retained for field inspection or sent to a lab for analysis. The AMS Core Soil Samplers are manufactured in four different sizes to meet the job site requirements. The AMS soil Samplers are sized according to the outside diameter of the retaining liner or the inside diameter of the sampler.


  • 1" Core Sampler
  • 1 ⅛" Core Sampler
  • 1 ½" Core Sampler
  • 2" Core Sampler