AMS 5 Pound Box Dredge Sampler

Securely recover samples with the AMS 5-pound box dredge. Designed to cover a uniform area, the dredge is a great tool for effective sampling. It is best suited for soft bottom sampling sand or silt. It features an opening of 6" x 7 ½". The large opening to weight ratio almost guarantees a sample with each deployment. Made of stainless steel, the dredge is designed to withstand rust and hard use. A simple trigger holds the dredge open until it makes contact with the surface to be sampled.

The 15 and 25-pound AMS dredges are used to obtain most types of bottom material. A two-way mechanism prevents accidental closure while the dredge is dropping. The impact of the dredge on the bottom surface triggers the spring loaded release mechanism without using a messenger. The top of the dredge is covered with stainless steel screening, which reduces the frontal shock wave and helps in preventing loss of the sample. The opening measurements of both dredges are 3" x 6", providing an effective sampling area of 30 square inches. The jaws, top screen, side plates, under lip plate, screen frame, fasteners and hinge pin are all made of stainless steel. The exterior weights and closing arms are powder-coated steel.

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Sizes Available:

  • 1" Core Sampler
  • 1 ⅛" Core Sampler
  • 1 ½" Core Sampler
  • 2" Core Sampler