Colorado Silica Sand - Water Well Gravel Pack

Well Designers around the world have come to realize that most common sands are not adequate for Water Well Gravel Pack Applications. Specialized sand deposits which feature uique shape and chemical makeup offer many benefits to the well designer.

Common Sand vs. Colorado Silica Sand

Round and spherical grains enhance the flow of water through the gravel pack. A filtering actions occurs to secure the fines and prevent them from entering the well. Angular, crushed or most common sands are not reccommended for this application due to the reduction of permeability of the gravel pack. Well efficiency and yield enchancements can be directly attributed to the shape of the sand grain.


Controlling the particle distribution is critical in proper sizing of gravel pack for wells. Todays well designers realize the correct sand size can prevent loss of particles smaller than the recommended screen size. It is recommended that reviewing samples fo shape requirements and sizing can prevent inferior products from being used in this specialized application.

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Features & Benefits

Well-rounded and spherical grains

  • Provide the highest permeability and porosity
  • Less likely to compact during well development
  • Reduced drawdown
  • Larger effective well radius
  • More effective well development
  • Greater gradation accuracy

Hard air- and water-worn grains

  • Less likely to produce fines during transport

90+% silica quartz grains

  • More resistant to acid treatment or acidic water
  • No adverse effects on water quality

Washed and cleaned

  • Minimal loss of material during well development
  • Minimized well development time
  • Less likelihood of water contamination
  • Free of clay, silt, dirt, organic or other foreign matter


  • Permits more accurate screening
  • Permits more accurate weight determination

Comprehensive Quality Control

  • Screening accuracy
  • Uniform gradation
  • Assures that material meets or exceeds design specifications

UC≤ 2.5

  • Lower head loss through filter pack
  • Less separation during transport and installation

Industry Certifications

  • AWWA A-100
  • AWWA B-100
  • NSF-61