Grundfos Redi-Flo3

Grundfos brings environmental pumping systems into the 21st century with the new Redi-Flo3 submersible pump.

Advanced Electronics

By combining advanced electronics, permanent magnet motors, and Grundfos' own micro-frequency converter, we are now able to control and communicate with pumps in ways never before possible. A few of the features that come out of this combination are Fluid Level Control, Soft-Start and integrated Dry-Run Protection.

Permanent-Magnet Motor

The Redi-Flo3 features a newly developed permanentmagnet motor, controlled by advanced electronics, featuring Grundfos' micro-frequency converter.
As a result of the high and flat performance curve of the motor, a wider performance ratio can be covered by fewer models as compared to pumps with conventional motors.
The motor has a soft-start system which allows the pump to start with gradually increasing speed and with the highest possible starting torque.
The starting torque is 1.5 times greater than a conventional 3-wire motor.

Micro-Frequency Converter

The Grundfos' designed micro-frequency converter controls the permanent-magnet motor.

Motor Efficiency Curve

Permanent-magnet motors produce a high efficiency over a wide load range as compared to conventional single-phase motors.

Status Box / R100 Infrared Remote

The optional Redi-Flo3 status box and R100 at the surface allows you to communicate with the pumps integrated electronics through the standard power leads. No additional wires are required! This feature provides the direct use of multiple sensors, digital input and relays without adding any extra electronics and cost. Pump status readout and parameter changes can easily be performed at the surface with the R100 or the Redi-Flo3 PC Tool.

Rugged Design

Redi-Flo3 pump design uses "floating" impellers. Each impeller has its own tungsten carbide/ceramic bearing. This design and the environmentally tough 316 stainless steel and PVDF construction provide excellent wear resistance and solids handling capability.

Reliable Check Valves

Reliable built-in spring loaded check valves let you operate the pump in any position from vertical to horizontal.