Hydroline Filters

The Hydroline high capacity filter contains an 800 cm2 membrane allowing for quick filtration in the field. The large filter area makes the Hydroline filter suitable for turbid samples. Each Hydroline filter is labeled with the lab results and all Hydroline filters are batch tested for traceability.

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  • Filtering of groundwater and other water bodies
  • Field filtering of metals in the field

Features & Benefits:

  • Each HydrolineTM 800cm2 filter is batch tested and includes lab analysis results on each filter
  • Each filter capsule is manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene and features a universal inlet providing both 3/4" OD threaded nipple and 3/8" OD barb fitting, allowing for flexibility for use with most common tubing sizes.
  • The Hydroline filter contains high quality polyethersulphone filter media.
  • Max Operating Pressure: 60 psi
  • Each batch is clean room certified lab tested.
  • Larger filter area allows filter to be used with turbid samples