L/S® MasterFlex® High-Performance Precision Pump Tubing

Masterflex L/S pump tubing is manufactured to extremely close tolerances that match our L/S pump heads, ensuring accurate, repeatable flow and long tubing life. Our pump tubing is factory-tested and optically inspected to provide the best performance from your peristaltic pump. With 21 different materials available, there is an L/S pump tubing formulation suitable for nearly any fluid handling application.

Our High-Performance Precision pump tubing features a thicker wall compared to our Precision pump tubing, making it the best choice for applications involving pressure, suction lift, viscous fluids, or long tubing life.

  • Ensure optimal performance from your Masterflex pump
  • Custom extruded to fit Masterflex pumps
  • Engineered for long life in peristaltic pump applications
  • Lot-to-lot consistency provides superior accuracy and repeatability