Oakton® pH/CON 10 Meter

Measure pH, conductivity, and temperature with just one meter and probe!

    Toggle between pH/°C and conductivity/°C readings with one button press

  • For the convenience of three meters in one!

    Includes multi-sensor submersible probe with 10-ft submersible cable

  • There's no need to switch probes when you switch measurement modes!

    Optional groundwater down-well probes available

  • 1.7" diameter probe fits into a 2" well head

    Dual display shows measured parameter plus °C simultaneously

  • Mode annunciators clearly indicate status of readings

    Easy push-button pH and conductivity calibration

  • Calibrate pH at up to three points and conductivity at up to four points for high accuracy over the entire measuring range

    Auto-buffer recognition for pH calibration

    Auto ranging for conductivity measurements

  • For fast response over a wide range

    Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

  • Keeps your measurements accurate even in solutions with varying temperatures

    Hold, Ready indicator, Automatic shutoff functions

    Meter kit available

  • Contains everything you need for calibration and measurement packaged in a hard carrying case

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  • Drinking Water
  • Environmental Monitoring