Pel-Plug TR30/60 Coated Bentonite Pellets

Pel Plug TR30/60 is a clean, virtually odorless and easy to handle bentonite pellet which combines the high quality yield of western bentonite with a biodegradeable non-stick coating. This coating, developed by PDSCo, allows the pellets to be poured through standing water without sticking together, eliminating voids and bridging. Pel Plug TR30/60 has the same ability to absorb water and maintain the 8 to 12 times expansion pattern that has been typical of our very successful regular Pel Plug bentonite pellets.


Pel Plug TR30/60 pellets are non-toxic and non-polluting; they require no mixing and can be poured directly into place for the highest density per cubic foot (accumulation) of any existing grouting method, dry or wet.


Pel Plug TR30/60 pellets will not disintegrate upon swelling; seals are tough but flexible, and do not crack when subject to movement.

PSDCo has developed a superior system for efficient grouting at a reasonable cost. Pel Plug TR30/60 eliminates the need for large and expensive grouting unites, removes the familiar problem of bag breakage, over mix, and most importantly, greatly reduces your labor costs.


Pel Plug TR30/60 is packaged in 50 pound reusable, resealable, waterproof containers. Pellets available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" sizes. Special order pellets are available to further retard pellet swell time during very deep water applications. Please call for more details.