GX-2009 Remote Sample Drawing Pump RP-6 Model

The GX-2009 is the smallest 4-gas monitor in the world and now it is available with a compact battery operated sample-drawing pump that attaches in line for remote, portable monitoring. Together the model RP-6 sample drawing pump and the GX-2009 make a complete solution for confined space entry situations.

The RP-6 pump is housed in a rugged plastic case with quick connect fittings located on both ends of the unit. It is sold with either a 4" rubber nipple or with a 10' hose and probe. When buying the RP-6 with the 10' hose and probe, the probe is equipped with a dust filter and the 10' hose connects at the RP-6's quick connect inlet fitting. The inlet fitting of the RP-6 then connects to a removable clear plastic cup, which is a filter holder. This filter holder contains a dust and hydrophobic filter inside. The exhaust fitting of the RP-6, which is also a quick connect, connects to a coiled hose, which brings the sample to the GX-2009. The RP-6 will run for 5 hours from just 1 AA alkaline battery.

A rotating, ON/OFF switch is located near the inlet end of the RP-6. When the ON/OFF switch is on, the green power LED is illuminated. If a low flow condition occurs, the RP-6 will go into low flow alarm with a red flashing LED. For additional versatility, the RP-6 is also available for use with our model GX-94 portable gas monitor.