Single Sample® Pressurized Disposable Bailers

The SingleSample® pressurized disposable bailer system is designed to provide an easy method for filtering metal samples in the field.

The pressurized bailer's rugged polyethylene construction permits use for both bailing and sampling wells while eliminating cross contamination and decontamination time.

The SingleSample® pressurized disposable bailer uses threaded fitments on each end that are attached using a special heat bonding process to provide a full circumferential seal. Each bailer comes complete with a barbed hose adapter for attaching the pump to the bailer, an adapter with a special notched thread that is used with any of the filters or removal devices to displace the ball and establish flow, and a large barbed removal device for bottom emptying of samples without filtering.

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  • Rugged, High density, Inert polyethlene
  • Individually decontaminated with Liquinox™ washing and DI water rinse
  • Ready to use
  • Non-Reactive components
  • Individually sealed packaging
  • 0.75" PVC ball
  • Approximately 1 litre capacity
  • 36" overall length
  • 0.031" wall
  • 1.5" inside diameter