Solinst Disposable Bailer 428

The Model 428 is a low cost disposable bailer, made of translucent high density polyethylene (HDPE) that holds more than one litre of sample. The rigid body will not bend. The PVC check ball is secured in the nozzle so that it will not roll to the other end of the tube. The top and bottom of the bailer are both tapered, to prevent hangups in the well. The translucent body allows the sample to be checked visually for water or product.

A regular sample release device is included and a low flow sample release device is optional.

Standard bailers have a 1.5" x 36" (38 mm x 915 mm) body to hold more than one litre of sample. Overall length is 38" (965 mm). A narrow bailer is also available, which holds over 250 ml, with a 3/4" x 40" (19 mm x 1016 mm) body. Overall length is 41" (1041 mm).

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Features & Benefits:

  • Tapered top and bottom prevent hangups
  • Sturdy handle with generous opening for bailer cord
  • Rigid body, for easy handling
  • Regular or low flow sample release devices
  • Translucent body allows visual check of bailer contents
  • Holds more than one litre
  • PVC check ball locked in place