Solinst® Drive-Point Profiler Model 660

The Model 660 Profiler is designed to be a preliminary site assessment tool. It enables the collection of groundwater samples from multiple points in a single drive/drilling location, at discrete zones. Profiler transects allow:

  • high resolution sampling
  • contaminant vs. depth profiling
  • detailed plume delineation

The Drive-Point Profiler was originally developed at the University of Waterloo and is described in various papers. A rig pushes, vibrates, or hammers the Profiler and attached AW rod to the desired depth.

The Profiler is 1.75" (45 mm) in diameter, stainless steel, with a row of screened inlet holes set circumferentially. The inlet holes lead to a single stainless steel fitting, where 4 mm LDPE or Teflon® sample line leads to a Peristaltic Pump at surface. (See Solinst Model 410 Data Sheet.)