Solinst Waterra Pump 404

The Waterra Pump is a simple, reliable inertial pump that provides a cost effective sampling option for groundwater monitoring.

The Pump consists of a riser tube fitted with a one-way footvalve. It can be easily operated manually at shallow depths, or by using a surface pumping mechanism. The tubing and footvalves come in a range of sizes suitable for most well diameters and sampling applications. A 1/4" (6 mm) Mini Inertial Pump is available for sampling inside CMT Multilevel Systems.

The Waterra Pump is a simple alternative to using a bailer. Like a bailer, the key part is the check ball which is located in the foot of the pump. As such, the Waterra Pump is often referred to as a 'footvalve'.

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  • Easily operated by hand
  • Ideal for well development
  • Operates to 200+ ft. (60+ m)
  • For 0.4" - 6" ID wells (12 mm - 150 mm)
  • Efficient purging rates, and high quality samples
  • Essentially maintenance free

Ideal for Dedication:

  • Low cost
  • Avoids cross-well contamination
  • Eliminates repeated pump decontamination
  • Avoids costly field and wash blanks
  • Reduces time in the field
  • Fast, easy operation