WTW Oxi 330i Meter

Waterproof and shock-resistant dissolved oxygen (DO) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) meters are NEMA 6 and IP67 rated. Meters feature datalogging, salinity correction, calibration alarm, 2000 hour battery life, low-battery indication, a real-time clock, a locking probe connector, auto-read drift control, and automatic air pressure/temperature compensation. A 500-GLP data set memory is enhanced by a time controlled function that logs data at intervals from 5 seconds up to 60 minutes. Both DO and BOD kits are optimized for water and wastewater applications. Models 53105-14 features a digital RS-232 interface and an analog (0 to 2 V) output.

  • Low-maintenance probe operates for up to six months between membrane changes.
  • Galvanic probe needs no warm-up time.
  • 2000 hour battery life makes kits ideal for use in remote locations.