Roctest Geo-Lok Casing

Geo-Lok Inclinometer casing is ABS pipe with four orthogonal grooves running longitudinally along its inside surface. When installed in a borehole, one set of grooves is aligned in the anticipated direction of movement. The grooves act as guides for the wheels of the inclinometer probe, maintaining the orientation of the probe as it traverses the casing.

Geo-Lok Inclonmeter casing's proprietary joint requires no glue, rivets or shear wires to connect adjacent sections of pipe. The joints are made by pushing two sections of pipe together and rotating the pre-installed locking collar. The coupling ensures that the grooves of adjacent sections of pipe are aligned to form a continuous track for the inclinometer probe. O-rings at the joint prevent the ingress of water and grout.

Spiral surveys may be performed on deep installations or where high accuracy is critical. Spiral data allows inclinometer data to be corrected for twisting of the casing that may occur during installation.

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Geo-Lok Inclinometer casing is used to measure lateral movement and deformation of soil, rock and structures when installed in near vertical boreholes, or settlement when installed horizontally in boreholes or trenches. Applications include:

  • Landslide monitoring
  • Dam and embankment performance monitoring
  • Determining movement of retaining walls, diaphragm wall sheet piles and laterally loaded piles


  • Simple assembly and disassembly
  • Spiral - 0.3 deg C Per 3m
  • Tensile strength - 1360kg
  • Collapse strength - 1860kPa
  • Bending strength - 300Nm
  • Torque strength - 90Nm
  • Machine broached groove
  • Compatible with all inclinometer probes