Roctest Model 906 Little Dipper Inclinometer

The Model 906 Little Dipper In-Place Inclinometer is an economical biaxial instrument for measuring bore hole inclinaison. The downhole sensing elements include a gravity-referenced electrolytic tilt transducer and AGI's proven Series 900 signal conditioning electronics. The Little Dipper combines ease-of-use, high-resolution and long-term stability in a low-cost package. It fits snugly into standard inclinometer casing with a diameter of 70mm (2.75") or greater, measuring deflection at the installation depth. Multiple units are attached to each other by flexible fiberglass rods for easy installation and withdrawl. Whether you are using them for long-term monitoring, or in conjunction with a conventional traveling inclinometer, Little Dipper inclinometers provide a cost-effective solution to slope and embankment monitoring.

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Geo-Lok Inclinometer casing is used to measure lateral movement and deformation of soil, rock and structures when installed in near vertical boreholes, or settlement when installed horizontally in boreholes or trenches. Applications include:


  • Output Channels: Two orthogonal tilt channels: ±2.5 VDC single-ended output (reference to signal ground) per channel.
  • Angular Range: ±10 degrees Scale Factor: 4°C/volt per channel
  • Resolution: 0.004 degree (15 arc seconds); less than 2 arc seconds with filtering
  • Repeatability: 0.008 degree at constant temperature
  • Linearity: 1% of full span typical Power Requirements: +8 to +24 VDC @ 8 mA, 250 mV peak-to-peak ripple max., reverse polarity protected
  • Response Time: 150 milliseconds Temperature Coefficient: Ks < 0.05%/°C, typical
  • Environmental: -10 degrees to + 60 °C operating. -25 °C to +70 °C storage. Pressurerated to 5 bars (72psi)
  • Dimentions: Cylindrical ABS housing, standard length 208 mm (longer lengths avalible upon request), 38 mm diameter
  • Cable: 6.35 mm diameter multiconductor cable, one overall shield. Specify cable length when ordering.
  • Weight: 0.45 kg