Roctest PAVICA Vibration Recorder and Analyzer

The PAVICA is a unique, small, lightweight instrument used to monitor and analyze vibrations in overhead transmission lines. The PAVICA measures the frequency and amplitude of vibration cycles over sampling periods, stores the data in a high definition matrix and processes the results to provide a rough estimate of the life expectancy of conductors under study. These measurements and evaluation methods are based on the IEEE standard on conductor vibration measurement and the CIGRE procedure for estimation of lifetime.

The PAVICA can be set directly onto the conductor in the vicinity of any type of clamps as opposed to other clamp-mounted commercial recorders, which are limited to metal-to-metal suspension clamps. The instrument consists of a gauged cantilever beam sensor fastened to a clamp, which supports a short cylindrical housing. A feeler in contact with the conductor transmits motion to the sensor. The housing contains a microprocessor, electronic circuitry, power supply, display and temperature sensor.

This device combines the wide experience of Hydro-Quebec’s (IREQ) researchers in the field of conductor vibrations and the latest technology offered by Roctest Telemac engineers in the field of on-site measurements.

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  • Based on internationally accepted IEEE and CIGRE methods
  • May be mounted directly on conductors (live or not) at suspension, spacer or damper clamps
  • Ideal to use on lines fitted with cushioned attachment devices
  • Comes with specific software for fast and easy configuration and data retrieval
  • Analyzes collected vibration data in real time and provides built-in calculation of normal conductor life expectancy
  • High resolution frequency and amplitude matrix (64x64) with user programmable frequency and amplitude scales