Oakton® DO 300 Meter

Advanced, high-accuracy dissolved oxygen meter with superior waterproof housing...and it FLOATS!

    Waterproof, dustproof housing with IP67 rating

    Expanded memory stores up to 50 DO/temp readings

    Real-time clock

  • Time/date stamps data stored in memory and calibration data (GLP friendly)

    Keypad-adjustable backlit display

  • Ideal for viewing readings in dark areas

    Very low drift probe

  • For enhanced stability and repeatability

    Input salinity and pressure values manually

  • Meter then calculates the offset value for increased accuracy

    Independent 100% and zero adjustment calibrations

  • For high accuracy over the full meter range

    Offset adjustment capabilities

  • Calibrate your meter to a known work standard or titrimetrically determined value

    No meter warm-up required

  • Galvanic probe design lets you take measurements immediately without the typical 15-minute wait!

    Easy-to-service, low-maintenance probe

  • Replaceable membrane cap assembly makes probe maintenance hassle-free - simply fill cap with electrolyte solution and screw on

    Display electrode diagnostics

  • View slope, zero offset, and millivolt values

    Dual-line display simultaneously shows mg/L (ppm) or % saturation, plus temperature

    °C/°F selectable

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  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Seawater Testing