Oakton® pH/CON 300 Meter

A waterproof meter that does it all – measures pH, conductivity, TDS, and temperature!

    Waterproof and dustproof with IP67 rating – it FLOATS!

    Toggle between pH, conductivity, and TDS readings

    Dual display shows measured parameter plus temperature (°C/°F)

  • Read two parameters at a glance

    Advanced setup mode

  • Recalls previous calibration points, pH electrode slope and offset, conductivity/TDS effective cell constants per range, and more

    Easy push-button calibration

  • Five-point calibration for pH and either conductivity or TDS; temperature offset calibration

    pH auto buffer recognition

  • Fast, easy pH calibration

    Auto ranging for conductivity and TDS measurements

  • Fast response and best resolution over a wide range

    Selectable manual or automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

  • The highest accuracy in any situation

    Selectable automatic endpoint

  • Automatically freezes reading when stable for five seconds

    Separate pH and conductivity/TDS probes

  • Lets you use specialty probes for different applications

    Hold function, Ready indicator, Automatic shutoff

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  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaculture