Rice Lockable J Plugs

The "J" Plug is an expandable pressure plug developed to fit inside a flush threaded riser or casing. When the wing bolt is turned, the "O" rings depress and expand to create a watertight seal helping to ensure against any contaminates leaking into the well.

The "J" Plug consists of mold injected PVC housing with a PVC wing bolt. A black laminated triangle with the words "NO FILL " is located on the top of the PVC wing bolt in accordance with API's Recommended Practice 1615. For additional safety, " MONITORING WELL – NO FILL" is molded on the top of the "J" Plug in raised letters.

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  • White PVC housing and wing bolt.
  • "MONITORING WELL - NO FILL" in raised lettering.
  • #316 Stainless locking clasps help prevent accidental filling or tampering.
  • Two Buna - N "O" rings; one depresses as the other esxpands to ensure a watertight seal.
  • Black triangle warning symbol located on top of wing bolt.
  • Shipped in individual, contaminate free plastic bag and boxed.
  • Inert material construction
  • Accommodates a #1 Padlock.