Target® Filter and Water Well Silica Sands & Gravel

Target® Filter Silica Sands and Filter Gravels are highsilica materials processed in our Morinville plant to meet the requirements of individual water filtration systems. In addition to the standard grades listed below, sands and gravels can be manufactured for projects with other specifications.

Target Products manufactures premium NSF Certified Filter Sands and Gravels that meet all AWWA B100 standards.

Uses And Advantages

Target Filter Sands and Gravels are suitable for many rapid and slow filtration systems. The raw materials are dried to sterilize the particles before proceeding with the sizing process. With the wide range of screen sizes available in the screening plants, the materials are sized to meet effective size and uniformity coefficient specifications. Rigorous quality control testing during production assures that the final products meet the requirements of the American Water Works Association standard B100 for filtering material.