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Plidco Riser-Type Weld + End

The PLIDCO® Riser-Type Weld+Ends® are an easy way to replace underwater risers on off-shore gas and oil lines without the need to weld. This fitting consists of additional clamp and thrust screws to provide a secure seal for high pressure and to resist extreme end-pull.

The PLIDCO® Riser-Type Weld+Ends® are socket welded at the surface to the new replacement riser then lowered into the water. The diver then cuts the old riser, and places the new fitting over the cut pipe and tightens screws to complete the installation creating a leak proof seal.

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  • Safe and easy to install
  • No underwater welding needed.
  • Competitively priced compared to other fittings in the market.
  • Can be used in non-weld hazardous areas
  • Custom designed for your specified needs and specifications.
  • Large inventory of seals are available to accommodate a wide variety of pipeline products and temperatures.
  • Quick and easy way to replace a section of pipe.
  • Keeps down time to a minimum.