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Duoline 10

Internal PVC Liner Systems for Oilfield Tubulars

Providing unmatched performance in eliminating pipe corrosion, DUOLINE 10 is the original lining system developed by Rice Engineering in 1965. It employs an extruded polyvinyl chloride liner sleeve and can be used in applications with temperatures up to 65°C (150°F). There are numerous installations with over 40 years continuous corrosion-free service.

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Benefits & Features:

With a successful track record of almost 50 years service in both onshore and offshore completions, the performance of Duoline has been tested by E & P companies in a wide range of operating conditions. Duoline lowers life cycle costs by offering a more durable, longer lasting corrosion protection than IPC coatings.

  • Does not require specialized pipe, it can be applied to standard J55 & L80 EUE new or used tubing.
  • Extends tubing life in difficult conditions by being abrasion resistant to wireline and coiled tubing procedures.
  • Prolongs tubing life by eliminating dependency of coating remaining ‘bonded’ to pipe which is key in CO2 and H2S.
  • Provides ease of repair by removing the requirement to burn and recoat tubing with rig damaged threads and couplings.


  • Water Disposal Wells
  • Produced Water Injection
  • ESP Source Wells
  • Chemical Disposal
  • Wells with lower CO2 and H2S Content

To obtain a copy of Duoline's Best Practices Manual, contact 780.469.1356 or info@riceeng.com.