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Overcoming the damaging effects of corrosion has long been a challenge for drilling companies, particularly in harsh conditions involving CO2 injection, sour gas and lifted production and WAG injection.

Given today’s high cost of well servicing and the resulting impact on production revenue, exploration and production companies are realizing the value of installing the right corrosion solution at the outset. They are looking beyond the initial capital cost and examining projected costs over the well’s lifecycle.

Engineered to last the lifetime of the well (20 plus years), Duoline® lining systems represent the most economical solution over the lifecycle of the well.

While thermoplastic extruded poly liner systems and internal plastic coating systems can be applied for a moderately lower up-front cost, their lifespans can be significantly shorter than that of a Duoline®liner.

The budgetary implications of choosing a low-cost corrosion solution must include the following costs:

  • Workover costs in the range of thousands of dollars per day
  • The cost of lost production in the thousands of dollars per day
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management costs

Can Duoline® lining systems actually save you money compared to the less durable option of spray-on coatings?

Email us at info@riceeng.com or call us to receive a valuable report, ‘An Economic Case for Duoline®’, or a cost-comparison worksheet to learn more about Duoline’s longer life and greater value and what it could mean for you.

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