pipe integrity

Process Piping System Products

Rice Pipe Integrity Products works with leading oil and gas companies to supply process piping system products including:

  • hot tap and line stop fittings
  • saddles, sleeves and connectors for pipeline construction and repair
  • horizontal automated pigging systems
  • custom manufactured headers and manifolds

By partnering with the two industry leading manufacturing companies, Plidco – The Pipe Line Development Company and WeldFit Energy Group, we are uniquely able to provide our customers with rapid and dependable delivery of these critical pieces of equipment in order to minimize costly shutdowns and assure worker safety.

Plidco is THE world market leader in the manufacture of high pressure pipeline repair, maintenance and connector fittings.

The company specializes in a bolt-on design for use in weld-hazardous or weld-difficult areas.

Rice has supplied thousands of these reliable and proven fittings for installation in Canada over the past fifty years.

WeldFit is a leading manufacturer of pipeline equipment including hot tap and line stop fittings, construction and repair products including saddles and sleeves, horizontal automated pigging systems along with custom manufactured headers and manifolds.

The company specializes in the use of extruded connections instead of welded branch connections in their piping equipment.

The advantages of a WeldFit extruded design include:

  • do not have to be radiographically inspected
  • reduced stress risers (weak spots where cracks can begin to appear)
  • easy to inspect
  • capable of withstanding greater external loading
  • elimination of the need for external reinforcement

We also offer Robar Industries Ltd. leading line-up of fabricated couplings and adapters, service outlet saddles, tapping sleeves and expansion joints for the industrial and mining industries.