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Weldfit Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Products

WeldFit offers a full line of hot tap tees used in pipeline applications worldwide. Hot tap tees from WeldFit meet the requirements of ASME and are manufactured using a variety of materials intended to meet requirements of new or existing pipeline materials.

Split tee line stop fittings are provided in a variety of different sizes and materials. All split tee fittings manufactured by WeldFit are created to ASME standards, with a variety of different grades available. Line stopping fittings are compatible with a variety of manufacturer's processes and equipment, Sureloc™ line stop tees and fittings from WeldFit are sure to make your line stop procedure successful.

  • Complete line of Hot Tap Tees that are designed and manufactured to ensure the integrity of the piping system.Learn More »

  • Size-on-size and reduced port fittings used for line stop and by-pass operations.
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