FloSite 2400 Batch Controller

The FloSite Batch Controller is available for accurate and reliable automatic batching or blending of liquids for application in food and beverage processing, chemical processing and water treatment.

The Model 2400 is operated in conjuction with a FloSite 2000 flow sensor. Batch volume to be delivered is entered via the front panel keypad. For dual batching, two setpoints can be changed during counting.

Batch operation and relays are initiated by: manually pressing the reset key on the keypad, remote start, or programmed auto reset for continuous batching. Once initiated, the controller will count down the batch to zero. When the batch volume is dispensed, the controller’s relays are released to shut down valves or pumps. Similar to other FloSite digital monitors, the Model 2400 is easily programmed and calibrated through the front panel keypad.


  • Versatile automatic batching and blending/li>
  • Dual batching function
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy calibration
  • Programmed auto reset