Plidco Flange

Useful for hundreds of applications particularly useful for making tie-in connections for prefabricated expansion and rework projects. PLIDCO®+Flanges are easy and safe to install even in hard to reach places such as high overhead piping, conduits and tunnels, tight manifolds or in hazardous locations.

PLIDCO®+Flanges are available in all pipe sizes and pressure ratings. No special pipe preparation is needed, just simply cut pipe, slide the PLIDCO®+Flange on and tighten the bolts down to the specified torque for a complete installation.

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  • No special pipe preparation to install.
  • Mechanical fitting, useful in non-weld areas.
  • Easy flange bolt alignment.
  • Can be used with blind flange following recommended pressures.
  • Welding is optional.
  • Large variety of seal materials available
  • Safe and easy.
  • PLIDCO®+Flanges can be reconditioned and used again.