The PLIDCO® Shear+Plug™ division offers its customers a safe and reliable method to temporarily (either for the short or the long term); isolate sections of their high pressure, high temperature or otherwise hazardous piping at an excellent value (when compared to a shut-down), when and where they need it done.

The PLIDCO® Shear+Plug™ solves high pressure/high temperature line plugging problems by providing a positive metal to metal seal, complete with sealant backup. The PLIDCO® Shear+Plug™ is offered in sizes up to 8 inches and standard units are available for ANSE pressure rating.

A double action hydraulic cylinder accomplishes the shear through, positions the sealing blind plate and also retracts it. No shell cutter is used to enter the pipe. The complete one piece coupon is pushed into the receptacle housing for easy, complete retrieval.

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  • One of a kind PLIDCO® innovation to isolate high pressure pipelines.
  • Metal-to-metal seal.
  • Resists high temperature and pressure.
  • No shell cutter is used to enter pipe.
  • Cuts one piece retrievable coupon.
  • The PLIDCO® Shear+PlugTM is impervious to flow rate, making it ideal for boiler feed applications.