PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ells function the same way as the PLIDCO® Split+Sleeve. These fittings are available for long radius, short radius, screwed and socket welded applications. PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ells can be manufactured for any angle, pipe size, and working pressure upon request.

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  • Fast and Easy to install.
  • Patented steel GirderRings hold seals in place and protect them from displacement and damage during installation.
  • Appropriate seal material will be recommended upon line product information.
  • PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ells are available in pressures of 1,000 psig and higher.
  • Clamp Ends are available to counteract hydrostatic forces.
  • PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ells can be seal welded for a permanent repair while the line is in service.
  • PLIDCO® Split+Repair Ells used for temporary repairs can be reconditioned and used again.
  • Proven track record of over 55 years.