PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves are repair fittings used to permanently seal leaks caused by corrosion or third party damage on-shore and off-shore. These fittings are easy and safe to install and can be welded while the line is in service. Standard working pressure is 1,000 psig with higher working pressures available. The PLIDCO® Split+Sleeve is hydrotested to 1.5 times its working pressure is designed using ASME Section VIII and API 6H. All sizes, lengths and pressures are manufactured. Our stock includes API pipe sizes 11⁄2” to 48”. Higher working pressure, longer lengths and other sizes are available upon request.

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  • Can be used for temporary or permanent repair.
  • Full penetration shell to side bar welds are 100% radiographed.
  • The PLIDCO® Split+Sleeve can be seal welded for a permanent repair while the line is in service.
  • Patented steel GirderRings hold seals in place and protect them from displacement and damage during installation.
  • Design includes bolt induced bending stresses.
  • Body and seal gland design has over 55 years of proven success.
  • Widest range of seal materials in stock.
  • PLIDCO® Split+Sleeves used for temporary repair can be reconditioned and used again.
  • D.O.T. Training is available.